Peruvia Concert 30th June 2012

Lossie rock band Peruvia are playing a concert at Lossie town hall on Saturday 30th June 2012.


We are a 5 piece band and do covers of songs and music by groups like:

The Stereophonics, The Artic Monkeys, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pink Floyd to name but a few.


We also perform our own songs which account for about 30% of our concerts.

The band members are Elliot Knight, Jack Rushton, Chris Brash, Frankie Ralph and Lewis Anderson.


We are all pupils at Lossiemouth High School and about to go into 6th year.


The concert starts at 7.30pm with our support band Casey Inlet.


Tickets are £3.50 in advance or £4.50 at the door on the night.


We are on facebook at -

We have a Youtube channel at -


Moray-Life wishes them a good turnout for the event and all the best for the future.

Don't neglect your studies though lads and remember to let us know how it went.